Now that issue #1 is in print, it’s time to start thinking about issue #2. Specifically, bonus material. Even more specifically, the extra sketches in the back.

In that spirit, the first four people to reply to this post will get a free custom sketch. It will be emailed personally to you, and not made available to anyone else in the world, except those discerning, intelligent, sexy people who who purchase issue #2.

Same rules as last time:

  • The sketch has to be BICP-related. Crossovers are allowed; they’ll count as parody, so they won’t violate copyright law.
  • No porn. My grandmother is planning on buying this (assuming she can figure out how to navigate Lulu, anyway).
  • Don’t ask for spoilers of future events. In fact, please don’t ask for things that were revealed in chapter 3, either. Keep it to chapters 1 and 2.

As usual, general commissions are also open.

Ask away!

Four Three Two One slot still available!