Two ordinary graduates adopt a puppy…which turns out to be a magical shapeshifting battle monster. Now one of them is involved in a soul-binding ownership contract, rich and powerful people are lurking around looking to challenge them, and they still can’t find any companies that are hiring.

None of this would have happened if they’d gone for a kitten instead.

A webcomic about adventure, politics, magic, and lesbians. Combines the struggle of modern-day underemployed geeky twentysomethings with the ethical dilemmas of ownership and interspecies relations that you normally try not to think about while playing Pokémon.

Content Warnings

Deals with control and consent, death, grief, and unhealthy relationships. Contains sex work (briefly), suicide (briefly), religion-based abuse, moderately graphic violence, and various -isms and -phobias experienced by the main characters.

If you’re sensitive to any of the above, please read at your own discretion.

The Artist

Erin Ptah is a cat person.

She does art commissions and takes support on Patreon, and can be reached by email, through Tumblr, and at her blog.