What’s this? Another print issue? It really must be the year of the apocalypse…

“Eh. I’ve seen scarier.”
—Tim the Enchanter

Your copy of But I’m A Cat Person issue #1 is probably starting to feel lonely there on the shelf. Don’t miss this chance to cheer it up!

Like the issue #2 ebook, the print version contains four pages of bonus content, including sketches, profiles, and behind-the-scenes info. Plus, cute new art on every page, and a cover you can’t beat for prettiness.

Buy BICP Issue #2 through Amazon CreateSpace

Buy BICP Issue #2 through Lulu.com

Buy BICP Issue #2 through Amazon.com

For the record, the Amazon CreateSpace version is my favorite. (The same edition is available through Amazon.com.)

Also out recently: a deluxe edition of Emeralds: Hearts in Oz issue #1, featuring art by yours truly. Give it a look!