Between technical glitches, a shipping problem, multiple test printings, and a visit with family smack in the middle of it all, sometimes it felt like this was never going to come together. But here it is, folks: But I’m A Cat Person, chapter 1, the print version!

Buy BICP Issue #1 through

Buy BICP Issue #1 through Amazon CreateSpace

It will also be available directly through Amazon in about a week — although my profit margin is lower there, so please buy through one of these two channels if you can ^_^

As with the ebook, this contains new bonus art on every page, plus four pages of exclusive bonus sketches and material in the back. Plus, look at that shiny cover. How can you resist?

The two versions of the printing are slightly different. Amazon’s has nicer binding and a stronger cover, and handles the page margins better. However, Lulu’s has higher-quality paper in the interior, and the printing of the text is slightly cleaner. I’ll make photos of both versions available soon, to help you decide which to buy! (Or you could always get one of each and compare them yourself ^_~)

Thanks to everyone who’s supported this comic so far. Information about issue #2 will be coming soon!