Jany: Thanks for this visit, Blake . . .

Blake: We were going to have a stopover in the UK anyway — it only made sense to let you visit home.

Jany: I meant to the museum, but that too! I told my brother he could come, but he couldn’t make it down to London for long. And I guess Ann Walker doesn’t get much out of paintings, huh?

Blake: Alas, no. But my Master does have an appreciation for things that are . . . finely sculpted.

Naresh: Jany!

Jany, is that you? And Kara Lynn, too! Over here!

Jany: Naresh!

Blake: I’ll go run some errands — leave you two alone for some quality Balachandran family time.

Jany: (haha!)

Naresh: Aww, babe, what’s the hurry? You can stay.

Jany: Na-re-esh!