Ilsa: [That is ENOUGH about my — ]

Blake: WELL this is clearly a sensitive topic, so we’ll change it, but isn’t it sweet that Jany cares! She’s a nice girl, isn’t she? So we’ll be nice to her, right?

Jany (thinking): Is this just another part of a scheme, or . . . is Blake defending me?

Blake: Right? . . . Ilsa?


We get it, you’re scary. You can stop now! . . . Master?

Walker: Give it a minute.

Jany: Ah!

Walker: Jany . . . I’m sure you’re trying be kind, but maybe just avoid the subject entirely around Ilsa.

Jany: H-has she done this before?

Walker: It didn’t come up the last time I visited. And, admittedly, I may have also referred to the idea of killing Donderson in his bed under the cover of a battle . . .

Jany: I never said killing!

Walker: But coming from me, I’m sure she understood that it was a friendly joke.