Been a long time since I’ve resorted to posting an unfinished page…but if I stay up late enough to fill in all the details of that airport scene, it’ll screw me over at the Day Job in the morning.

It’ll get updated when I have the chance! In the meantime, just imagine a lot more windows and ad posters and tired people with suitcases.

Nurse (offscreen): I wouldn’t know about other Beings, but that Wolf . . . She can definitely bite.

Miranda: It used to be just a rumor, but now we have firsthand confirmation from Lightning and his Master. We’ll have to watch for her, and be ready to take her down quick.

Köhler: I still have the scar! You see!

Bianca: Is that one of those inter-Being code differences — so you could open her up and write in the code from Patrick’s and Poe’s Contracts? Or is it already there and it’s just glitching from her Master being in a coma?

Miranda: Dunno. We’ve never gotten ahold of her code, so your guess is as good as mine.