Check it out, everyone…the first piece of BICP fanfiction has appeared on the Internet! (Sparrow/Reseda, NC-17.)


Park: Idiot. Maybe I should be glad he’s taking a stand on something even when it inconveniences the pet projects of rich people . . . But why did it have to be this?

Oh well. If he doesn’t lose interest when the media furor dies down, we can try it again. Lose the blue-collar getup, Cub. Time to switch to something that will impress Ann Walker.


Park: No, too costume-y. Maybe try mimicking something by Versace . . .

Speaking of Ann Walker . . .

Bennett: Welcome to Washington. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to talk to you today.

. . . I’m trying to shake your hand right now, by the way.

Walker: And I can’t see where it is, so let’s skip this bit of physical comedy and get to the point, shall we?