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Genevadoratrelundor (TV): Inspector! I got the plotdevicium crystal you asked for!
Inspector Spacetime (TV): Well done, Genevadoratrelundor! Put it on the cardboardite stand, quickly!

Emma: I love this episode! Come on, you two, kiss!

Sparrow (thinking): Bianca’s such a tolerant person . . . I could never date a girl who has such Wrong Opinions about shipping.

Emma: Hey, is there anyone who has their Being in the acting business?

Bianca: Yes! I looked that up once. The Swan does movies in LA, and the guy who has the Adder rents them to productions in Bollywood.

Patrick: There’s also the Sea Monster, who’s in Japan and does —




Bianca: Oh, it’s Camellia! She’s the Master of the Cat.

. . . who isn’t on TV, but uses her shapeshifting for other kinds
of performances.

Hey there! Yes, it’s Bianca. Is everything okay out there?