Naresh: Well, if you really don’t want her to work, how about those researchers you met in the US? They fund people to come visit their labs from all over the world, right? It’s not a long-term solution, but it’ll get you out of the flat for a while.

Jany: Oh, we didn’t meet researchers in the US! Kara Lynn stopped having that blanking-out problem because of some people we randomly met at the convention. They had a Being, and he just happened to know what to do!

And they can hardly fund a visit. They’re as low-income as we are . . .

Naresh: But the US does have actual researchers you could ask, right?

Jany: Yes! That could work!

. . .

. . . But what if the “research” turns out to be abusive and unethical and I get her into a situation I can’t get her out of because I’m still a minor and a foreigner so I have no rights and —

Naresh: Hey, c’mere, sis, it’s gonna be all right . . .

Kara Lynn: Don’t be sad, Master! I know you’ll work something out.

Naresh: Well, there’s no shame in a bloke admitting when he’s outclassed.