Patrick: Mandy!

Bianca: Patrick? How do you know her? Is she one of the good guys, or should I call security?

Patrick: My former Master’s daughter. One of my duties was to protect her. She is . . . not a bad person.

However, she is often demanding, selfish, and unwilling to compromise. She can be secretive and manipulative — like her father. When she can’t control a thing, she lashes out–

Miranda: Stop it! BAD dog.

I’m NOT my father. I would never hurt you like he did! He doesn’t know where you are. You can come back with me and we’ll never have to tell him anything! Doesn’t that sound nice? Don’t you want to come home?

Bianca: . . . do you? If she’s like family . . . if you love her, flaws and all . . . I don’t want to keep you from home, okay? If you want to go, I’ll let you go.