Kara Lynn: So many people in animal outfits!

Jany: Bet you feel some sort of kinship with them, yeah?

Kara Lynn: No, we’re much too distinct from humans for that. You’re cute, that’s all.

Congoer: Cute bunny ears! Can I pat them?

Jany: No! Leave her alone!

Jany: Stupid phone, dying on me . . .

Jany: This is the J-Pop guest of honor. We’re on a mission to get his autograph. Understand?

Kara Lynn: Yes, M– I mean, “saturn.”

Jany: Hey! Are you from the JMusic4Ever forum?

Yamagatafan: Yeah!

Jany: I’m saturn39!

Jany: This is Kara Lynn. She’s not on the forum. She’s here because she’s my girlfriend!

Jany: So this is why you made us queue up two hours early . . .

Yamagatafan: I guess this is your first con, huh?