Tina’s character tag is “Fox”, for reasons that will become…increasingly clear.

Con staff (offscreen): Next!

Bianca (offscreen): Bianca Washington, party of three?

Patrick (thinking): . . . I’ll have to tell my Master . . .

There’s another one of us here.

Patrick: Yipe!


Dotan: Hey, awesome tail! How did you get it?

Patrick: It’s MY tail, that’s how! You are very rude.

Dotan: Sorry, sorry! Didn’t mean to imply it wasn’t real! You’re among friends. I’m a wolf, myself. And Tina here is a red fox.

Tina: Hi!

Dotan: You’re a dog, right? What’s your name?

Patrick: . . . I’m called Patrick.

Tina: (GASP) Dotan! Could it be?

The too-natural animal features . . . the way he says ‘I’m called’ instead of ‘My name is’ . . . Could he be . . .

Dotan: . . . a Being?!