Dr. Rosen: Mr. Cohen is . . . ambitious! Sometimes he finds it is backfiring upon him.

This is a sigil that we have been reconstructing from archaeological remains for several years now. We believe it is intended to make a golem transcend its contract. To develop free will.

Sparrow: Whoa. Sounds like the Holy Grail of Being research.

Rosen: Not the analogy I would have used . . .

Sparrow: Look, I grew up in a majority-Christian culture. And on Monty Python. So sue me.

Rosen: It is . . . important, yes. Without such a thing, the golems will forever be in danger from the modification of their Contracts. Have you noticed that Mr. Cohen’s own golem, the Dog, has not been seen for several months?

Sparrow: What? Noticed? Why would I have noticed? That sure is not suspicious or anything.

Rosen: The reason is that Mr. Cohen tried to improve its Contract . . . and failed. It lost its definition, and deteriorated into a heap of inanimate soil.

Sparrow: Oh, is THAT how he’s explaining it? — I mean — THAT explains it!