Sparrow: . . . Wait.

You promise you come in peace? Swear on . . .

Do Beings think anything is sacred?

Patrick: If he swears in the name of his Master, he probably means it.

Poe: I do. On my Master’s name, I’ll leave before causing Patrick any harm.

Sparrow: You know, we can still tell him to go away. Given how he did break your arm, and all.

Patrick: I know.

Poe. You’re worried about Mandy too, right?

Poe (offscreen): Yes.

Patrick: Let him in.

Poe: Thank you for your hospitality. I’ll try not to overstay my welcome . . .

. . .

Sparrow: . . .

Poe: Is it just me, or is she really–?

Patrick: Strangely appealing, with no obvious reason for it?

Poe: Yes!

Sparrow: That welcome’s wearing out fast, buddy.