Jany: It just happened out of nowhere!

One minute she was talking like normal, the next she was so blank–

Jany’s mum: She looks fine to me.

Jany: She got better! . . . I think!

Kara Lynn: I do feel like normal now, Master.

Jany: But what if it happens again? We need to take her to a doctor. Some kind of Being-doctor . . .

Jany’s mum: What we need is for you to keep a tighter rein on her! I cannot think why Haseena was so set on giving her to you. You have no discipline. You’d have her sit around and watch anime all day if you could.

Jany: That’s not fair! She still helps around the house, just like before — Does all the same chores —

Kara Lynn! Have you given up anything Gran had you do?

Kara Lynn: No, Master.

Jany: See?!

Jany’s mum: If she still works just the same, why are you making such a fuss over a moment? Settle down and go set the table. Your father will be home any —


Jany: Dad!!

Jany’s dad: Whatever it is, go ask your mother.