Apologies for the extreme lateness of this page. Your artist has been sick for the past several days, and spent huge swaths of that time either asleep, or lying on the couch with a bowl of soup blearily watching Futurama. (Now that this is posted, I’m going to go get back to the former.)


Jany: Come on, Kara Lynn, snap out of it . . . go back to human form . . . All right, there?

Kara Lynn: Y-yes! Give me a moment to grow out the hair.

Jany: That was incredible! How did you do it?

Kara Lynn: Well, I transitioned halfway back to my monster form . . . And then Blake was on me, so I just focused on going up in a massive fireball. Did you like it?

Jany: Honestly, it was terrifying and I never want to have to see it again. But what matters is that you’re okay!

So, Walker . . . I won, right? That means you have to tell me the truth now, yeah?

Walker: Oh, I have been. The apocalypse is coming. I can show you the research. What you do about it will be up to you. Me, I’m an old woman. I expect the third or fourth rain of blood and fire will do me in. But I will do everything in my power to see to it that Blake survives.