Lightning: Don’t buy it! She’s lying, probably!

Jany: Then why do you think she’s trying to kill you, Lightning?

Lightning: I —

Jany: Is she just some kind of sadist? What’s her goal, if not to have you die so Blake doesn’t have to?

If there’s going to be some kind of reckoning . . . a winnowing-down of Beings, even if it’s not as part of the capital-A Apocalypse . . . Who wouldn’t try to narrow down the competition before that starts?

If it’s Blake and three other Beings, do you care who the others are? Do you have . . . non-aggression pacts, with any of your rich important friends?

Walker: Only one. Heaven knows the Swan’s Master, or the Bear’s, or the Dog’s, couldn’t be trusted to keep a pact about this. And I suppose now I’ll have to cut you in on it, won’t I? Keep this to yourself, and I’ll help Kara Lynn live.