Dr. Gaillard: Walker Industries archives material from all its branches. I work with the Being researchers to make sure all their efforts are documented.

Jany: It’s nice of Ms. Walker to open up so many opportunities, isn’t it?

And so many of them seem to go to older women. Does she do that on purpose?

Dr. Gaillard: “Older”? I’m forty-six.

Jany: Right, and . . . ?

Dr. Gaillard: . . . never mind. And no, the boss is definitely not making any special effort toward inclusive hiring. She’s not the type.

Jany: Well, that’s no good, is it?

Dr. Gaillard: No comment.

Jany: So you don’t approve, but you don’t want to admit it! If something’s wrong, you should speak up! That’s the only way to change things for the better!

Dr. Gaillard: Listen, kid . . . have you ever heard the phrase “choose your battles”?