Bianca: How did you know which remote to use.

Emma: So, what’s up?

Bianca: It’s a long story — look, you can keep a secret, right? You know my roommate Patrick? He’s not exactly just a roommate.

Emma: Oh, no. He’s your boyfriend. You’re poly and you’re only bothering to bring it up now.

Bianca: The next thing I had to say is that my dog isn’t exactly just a dog! And I’m not leading up to telling you that I’m a furry! Remember the Being that caused all that trouble on the T a while back?

Emma: Sure. Didn’t go downtown for a week, waiting for them to clean up the damage.

Bianca: Well, Patrick is one of those. Not related to the one in the subway! He’s the Dog. The kind with a normal fur color, even.

Emma: Is that all? Phew!

Nothing against poly in general . . . but I work with eight-year-olds, and you would not believe the tantrums their parents can throw over what teachers do outside of work.

Bianca: Oh, yes I would. You don’t know my parents.