Your artist has been traveling so much lately. I worked on this page in three different states, and I’m posting it from an airport.


Patrick: It’s too bad — I would always vote the way my Master voted. So the best candidate would be more likely to win if I could.

Emma: Aw, that’s sweet. But if you’re thousands of years old, you must have fascinating opinions on politics of your own!

Patrick: Am I supposed to have those, Master?

Bianca: No! Don’t worry, you’re fine.

Emma: . . . okay, Bee, let me talk to you over here for a minute.

Bianca: I’ll be right back!

Emma: Look, is this some kind of BDSM thing? Because even if you’re not having sex, that’s a little much for me.

Bianca: No, it’s not like that!

He doesn’t really have the perspective of an immortal. He doesn’t remember most of his life from two or more Masters ago. And even if he did . . . the way he’s programmed, his feelings and preferences would still adapt to whatever his current Master — that’s me — wants.

Emma: You make him sound like a robot.

Bianca: Sort of.

Emma: Are you sure he’s not more like a House-Elf?

Bianca: I thought he would be! But he’s been working very hard to prove that wrong.