Sparrow: So did Camellia explain everything to you?

Reseda: Puppy got banged up in a fight, Bianca doesn’t know that level of first aid. Must be pretty bad if he can’t patch it up himself, huh?

Sparrow: I don’t know — Bianca told him to stay in dog form until you came to help.

Of course, she could be overreacting . . .

Reseda: It happens. You should’ve seen my Master after my first lost limb! So where are they?

Sparrow: Patrick’s here in Bianca’s room. She had to be at work, so you’ll have it all to yourselves.

Patrick: Reseda. Were you planning to switch to human form at any point? Or are you just going to have Sparrow carry you around all day?

Reseda: Who says I can’t do both?


Sparrow: Ack!!


Reseda: Oof.

Sparrow: Sorry!

Reseda: Maybe I should’ve chosen a lighter form . . .

Patrick: I think I might be better off letting my arm stay broken.