Bennett: Plus, to tell you the truth . . . I’m thinking about letting that bill just die in committee.

Cybele: Oh? How come?

Bennett: Well, it’s fallen out of the news cycle, since they got bored with it after you were captured . . . It is not turning out to be the winning political issue I had predicted in the first place . . .

Also, Ann Walker wants me to, and if I pull it off I’m scared of what she’ll ask for next.

Cybele: Really? But you’re not scared of what Cohen wants you to do. And he’s the one who has dirt on you.

Bennett: He does. But I’m not as afraid of him, for the very good reason that . . . That, uh . . .

Look, you’re supposed to be hooked in to my emotions — how about you tell me?

Cybele: Ooh, can I, boss? Can I?

Bennett: I just said you should, didn’t I?

Cybele: Awesome! Just a sec!

Bennett: Why do you have to be in kid-form for this?

Cybele: Because you get more threatened by the suggestion of criticism from anybody older than six!