Sparrow: So, you’re an anime girl dating a Superwholock? And it’s not, like, Alucard-and-Anderson levels of conflict?

Bianca: So far, so good! But tell me more about this job! When do you start?

Sparrow: As soon as my drug test and background check go through. They’ll call me!

It could happen any time!

Five days later:

Sparrow: Any day now!

Thirteen days later:

Sparrow: Any week now!

Twenty-two days later:

Sparrow: Why am I here?

Patrick: Because the town-hall debate for your House seat is a good place to show up with a sign? That’s how Bee explained it, anyway.

Sparrow: No, I mean, I wasn’t even supposed to be available! I was supposed to be spending my afternoons either stocking shelves or collapsing on the couch in exhaustion by now!

Patrick: Can I go get you a soda or something?

Sparrow: Yes, please.


Cybele: Hi there! Nice sign!