I’ve talked about BICP cameos in Leif & Thorn, so here’s Rowan from L&T making a cameo in BICP.


St. Stephen of the Stones Church: HQ for hunger-fighting program Everybody Gets A Loaf And A Fish!

Timothy: . . . but only with tartar sauce.

Any other questions before we wrap this interview up?

Interviewee: Can I just say how glad I am that you don’t have to be a priest to work here? I love the feeding-the-hungry part, but the celibacy . . .

Timothy: Technically, I’m a deacon. We don’t follow that particular vow.

Interviewee: Seriously?! My mama did not tell me that was an option.

Timothy: There’s still a conscience clause here, so depending on your interests, you may need to be . . . discreet.

Interviewee: Not a problem.

Timothy: We’ll call you back in a week if you get the job, and never if you don’t!

Interviewee: Thanks! In this job market, I get that that’s the best I can hope for.

Timothy: And how is your appointment with Sparrow going, Reseda?

Reseda: Trust me, boss: you’re gonna like it.