Bianca: Sparrow! Spa–

— mmrgh.

Timothy (phone): Bianca? I didn’t see you in the other world — were you there? Are you back? Are you still on the line??

Patrick: Yipe!

Bianca: I’m here!

Patrick and I were in this rocky canyon. No sign of Sparrow or Reseda. You?

Timothy: No. I was hoping — because Reseda’s mine — but no. I was in some kind of marsh, alone.

Patrick: Let’s go back! Five minutes isn’t long enough for a game of hide-and-seek anyway. I would have won if you’d put a longer time limit on it!

Timothy: If we’re going to make an expedition out of this, we should try to have some strategy. I’m sure I can find a megaphone in the church storage room. Flares, not so likely, but it can’t hurt to —


— hold on, there’s someone here. I’ll call you back.