All right, folks, this is it: we’re officially in the “asking for money” stage.

If you’ve been wondering about the status of the print version of issue 1, I don’t blame you–I haven’t done a great job of keeping you up to date. Apologies!

The short version is, I have a proof copy, but it has some issues which need to be fine-tuned before it’s high-quality enough to sell. I hope issues 2 and 3 will come together more quickly, but it’s still going to take time…and money.

That’s where the fundraising comes in. I’m trying my hand at raising funds through Kickstarter, a site that helps creators and innovators collect donations for a wide variety of projects. If the funding goal isn’t met in the next 30 days, I get nothing…but if it is, not only do I get the money, donors get all kinds of awesome rewards, including:

• Ebooks and print issues
• Custom artwork
• Original lineart from BICP pages
• Thanks in print
• Thanks in a video, starring myself and a real live cat
• Fame and glory

At the highest level of donation, you get…one spoiler. Seriously. Ask me any question about where the comic is going, and I’ll give you a straight answer. No waffling, no creative nonanswers, no misdirection. In fact, if the honest truth is “I haven’t decided yet”? I’ll let you pick a new question.

But none of this will come through unless the project is fully funded.

So please, support it as far as you can, pass the link around, and wish me luck!