Yet more recs from the fantasy genre! There are a ton of these things.

Blasphemous Saga Fantasy: comedy. Well-worn tropes given charming and funny twists, starting with a young squire’s face-off against a giant slime monster. Look out for magic-users, swords with spirits, and Dark Lords commanding cute golems.

Girl Genius: adventure! The iconic steampunk comic, where our heroine has a supernatural affinity for mechanics and finds herself getting swept up into all kinds of conspiracy because of it. Political machinations, lots of airships, the occasional pirate.

Within A Mile Of Home: comedy/drama. A goblin falls off the edge of the known world (literally) and into one that looks more like ours. Rich worldbuilding and systems-of-magic back up the plot.

Gods of the Game: drama. A group of D&D players find themselves transported into their own campaign. It’s not as fun as you would think.