Ordinary broke millennials Bianca and Sparrow adopt a puppy…which turns out to be an immortal shapeshifting battle monster. (They call him Patrick.)

Now Bianca’s in a soul-binding ownership contract, rich and powerful people are tracking them down to pick magical fights, and they still can’t find any companies that are hiring.

Also: politics, comedy, found families, power dynamics, Jewish mysticism, and gay stuff.

BICP combines the struggle of modern-day underemployed geeky twentysomethings with the interspecies ethical dilemmas that you normally try not to think about while playing Pokémon. Updating online since February 2011.

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Content Warnings

Deals with control and consent, death, grief, and unhealthy relationships. Contains sex work (briefly), suicide (briefly), religion-based abuse, moderately graphic violence, and various -isms and -phobias experienced by the main characters.

If you’re sensitive to any of the above, please read at your own discretion.

The Artist

Erin Ptah is a cat person.

She does art commissions and takes support on Patreon, and can be reached by email, through Tumblr, and at her blog.