Should’ve realized that committing to a busier updating schedule would be jinxing myself.

So earlier this evening my laptop’s power cord, which has been on the fritz for a couple of weeks, finally gave up the ghost. And the one I had on order was either delivered to the wrong place or stolen off the front porch, because it ain’t here.

I’ll get another one, but not within the next three hours, and possibly not even within the next two days. Which means BICP’s update schedule is temporarily borked.

You’d think this could have happened a couple weeks ago, when BICP actually had a buffer in the queue, but noooo.

(I’m typing this post on the small emergency backup laptop, which will let me keep up with the internet, but is not strong enough to run art programs. It’s barely strong enough to run Firefox. It once crashed on startup.)

My deepest apologies, readers. Leif & Thorn still has plenty of queue, so no worries there, and BICP will resume hopefully by Friday, possibly next week. Cross your fingers the gremlins won’t win this round.