Every character left who’s appeared more than once. And some who haven’t!

Listed alphabetically by first name. Or screenname. Or, in a pinch, job description.

See also: Main Cast and Miscellaneous Beings.

Disciples: Big fans of Joshua ben Joseph, even if they didn’t always get him like Maria did.

Fact-checkers: Employees of the TV network that runs Bennett’s show. Don’t get asked to do much.

Greg Falk: Sparrow’s former co-intern. Can recite legal stipulations by code and paragraph.

The First Master(s): Ancient world-hacker(s) and Being creator(s) of hypothetical existence.

Friends of Miranda: Good for hanging out at bars with. Not good for telling intimate secrets.

Fox (Tina) Kreuk & Dotan Geffen: A couple of eighth-grade Being enthusiasts, delighted to meet Patrick. Tina/Fox identifies as otherkin and always carries a plush fox around. Dotan is more a fan of wolves.

Dr. Lin: Scientists in the employ of Ann Walker. Study Beings from various disciplines.

Dr. Lopez: Works for Cohen Being Research. So happy with his job.

Dorothy “Dot” Rosa: Sparrow’s direct superior in the political group where she used to intern. Likes good coffee.

Shamila: Member of Patrick’s English class. Seems pretty nice.

Tuxedo Charlie & Sailor MBTA: Enthusiastic, speechifying security people at Boston’s South Station. Brave in the face of rabbits.

Rhett Walker: Ann Walker’s late father. Kind of obnoxious. Underestimated her. Died an untimely death.

WhiskerCon Security: Imposing, burly guys in animal ears. Protecting the safety of all convention attendees.

Yamagatafan: Friend of Jany’s from the Internet. Turns out not to be as close as Jany thought.