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p-cow1The Cow and The Auroch have lived in Poland for several hundred years. As of the 1980s they are both found in the town of Szczyrzyc.

They both currently take the form of domestic cattle, and neither of them can remember which of them is (or was) the Auroch.

Human forms: Muscular young Polish man, muscular young Polish woman
Animal forms: Domestic cattle
Masters: Two working-class citizens of Szczyrzyc
Like: ???
Dislike: ???

p-kaguyaKaguya, as of the 1960s, lived in Japan. She takes various aquatic forms, most notably the octopus. Some people believe she’s a water spirit and give her gifts.

She was in the possession of a film studio owner, who took advantage of her abilities to create the kind of movies that require beautiful young women and/or large tentacly creatures.

Human form: Attractive young Japanese woman
Animal forms: Octopus, others
Master: Film studio owner in Japan
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???

p-mouseThe Mouse was the subject of experiments in Nazi Germany, which succeeded in destroying it.

The details are lost.

Human form: Young child
Animal form: Mouse
Master: At the time, none
Liked: ???
Disliked: Presumably, Nazi experimentation.

The Cormorant belongs to a Russian mob boss, and was kidnapped by Ann Walker. He might actually be better off.

The Dove used to live in Tibet and travel the Middle East. Its winged-human form inspired a lot of depictions of angels.

The Goat is the focus of a cult in remote Pakistan.

The Lion is revered in a town in Zimbabwe.

The Porcupine is another of Ann Walker’s victims. Its Master is deceased.

The Porpoise is owned by a Japanese marine biologist, and helps with his Master’s scientific work off the coast of Honshuu.

The Swallow used to be owned by a British soldier in the Crimean War, and was ordered to provide nursing support for Florence Nightingale.