The promised roundup of LGBT+ webcomics I’ve recently gotten into!

(Last time I did a queer-themed reclist was a year ago — although there are plenty of LGBT-featuring strips that I’ve recced for other themes among all the webcomics I’ve recommended.)

Supercakes – Lesbian superheroes. And cute family shenanigans where your nieces and nephews might have still-uncontrolled superheroes. In progress?

What Happens in Carpediem… – Romantic comedy within an MMORPG where an in-game marriage means you can restore your partner’s MP by kissing them. In progress (hiatus).

Relativity – Serious sci-fi. Our heroine goes on a deep-space mission that’ll take her away from her wife for three years…then returns to Earth, and things get weird. In progress.

The Night Belongs To Us – A vampire saves a newly-turned werewolf, and gets officially registered as her sire. Awkward-cute ensues. In progress.

Artifice – An android on a mission that was supposed to just be about killing renegades gets his programming shaken up by a cute human. NSFW, complete.

LOKI – Western-style shenanigans with a gun-for-hire, his kid sidekick, crossdressing, and blushy tension with a local marshal. Complete.