The ebook version of Chapter 1 is now available!

Features bonus content on every single page. That’s right: since the original strips aren’t tall enough to fit any of the available page sizes, they all left a huge chunk of blank space along the bottom. Your humble cartoonist sprang into action, and that space is now filled with random character doodles. Exclusive random character doodles.

CoverThere are also four extra pages at the back, including the reader-request sketches and some mostly-new text. It’s all the same cool stuff you’ll get in the print edition (available soon), with the perk of not having to pay for shipping.

Check out what the critics are saying:

“I’m not surprised this hasn’t taken off. Sure, it has pathos, drama, and plenty of action, but it’s no children’s card game.”
—Yugi Mutou

“It’s exactly this kind of blatant, emotionally manipulative propaganda that encourages PETA to keep hassling me.”
—Ash Ketchum

“This contract seems to be in order.”

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