Where to vote: Find My Polling Place
Non-comprehensive lists: Hillary Clinton’s policies and Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments


Sparrow: My fellow Americans, for heaven’s sake, GO VOTE today!

Bianca: If you don’t know your polling place, scroll down for a link to find it! There’s also a recap of some of Hillary Clinton’s positions. And, since actions speak louder than words: a recap of things she’s already accomplished.

Patrick: Wow! This list goes on forever!

Timothy: She changed policy at the State Department to make it easier for trans people to get the right genders on our passports?

Emma: I knew she won health insurance for millions of children, but this goes back so much farther. Her on-the-ground legal work helped make it illegal for schools not to accommodate kids with disabilities! She got adoption assistance expanded to single adults and same-sex couples. And this was all way back in the nineties!

Miranda: If she gets to pass even half the laws she wants, we could all have quality pre-K, non-collapsing bridges, affordable Internet, automatic voter registration, and solar panels.

Cohen: Besides, have you seen the other guy? He literally asked why, if the US has nukes, we don’t use them. Also retweets propaganda from neo-Nazi sites and is endorsed by the KKK. How is this even a choice?

Walker: He’s not a businessman. He’s gone bankrupt four times! I like people who didn’t go bankrupt.

Blake: And he doesn’t even pay people! Not his contractors, not his campaign pollsters, not those little girls he had sing and dance for him. Who would trust him with a vote? You couldn’t trust him with a loan of five bucks for pizza night.

Cybele: Are you still a Republican, boss?

Bennett: I’ll come out when the bad man leaves my party.