BICP has annotated pages queued clear through June, so I’m gonna post some extra Pride stuff now. No complaints? No? Awesome.

Above: Hoard of Lesbian Pride Flags

Kara Lynn in her dragon form, with her very own Unusual Hoard. (Credit to Lauren Dawson for inventing the “unusual dragon hoards” series.)

Full list of flag credits & sources at the end, under the cut.

The one on the very top of her back is my design. I looked through all these dozens of others, and while there are plenty of lovely palettes (and a few mediocre-to-painful ones), I couldn’t find many that seemed to have history, or intrinsic meaning to the colors.

So I went ahead and made a lesbian pride flag with history and symbolism behind it. (Plus a nice memorable redirect,, to point to the details.)

It’s rarely-memed and little-known at the time of writing, and I don’t expect it to be widespread or much-memed by the time this posts, but it still makes me happy.

Sidenote: Kara Lynn’s counterpart in Leif & Thorn, Katya, has been mentioned as asexual. This probably still hasn’t come up in the comic yet, but she is an ace lesbian there. Just in case you were worried.

Below: #LoveWins

Happy Marriage Equality Day

Marriage equality in the US simultaneously feels like it just happened, and like it’s been the law forever.

In the long run, it was inevitable! In the moment, it only passed the Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote. These margins are narrow. (The courts are important.)

It was never the One Endgame Goal after which Gay Rights Are Done, but it was a big goal. Gonna repeat my original soapbox moment here, because it’s never going to stop being relevant…

This is for the lesbian with cancer who needs to be on her partner’s health insurance.

This is for the bi man who needs his partner’s children to be allowed to visit him in the hospital.

This is for the trans woman who won’t be able to keep her house unless she gets spousal benefits after her girlfriend’s death.

This is for the couple who won’t be able to afford a house at all unless they can file as husbands.

This is for the woman who’s going to be deported without a marriage visa from her US-based wife.

This is for the queer person whose parents kicked them out of the house, but would happily swoop in and try to reclaim their child’s possessions from a grieving widow…and then demand that their friends attend the funeral in birth-sex-conforming clothing.

Sometimes we fall into the trap of acting like marriage is just a symbol, just an excuse to have a party with cake. It’s not. Marriage is a set of substantial rights and recognitions, many of which are most important when your life is at its worst. There’s a reason the fight for same-sex marriage was originally catalyzed by the AIDS crisis. Everyone (even people with loving biological families, but especially people without them) deserves the ability to get legal recognition for their family of choice.



Bianca: Emotional day, right?

Lesbian flag identification key. Thanks to @lesbianflaghistory​ for digging so many of these up:

  1. kaleidoscope-borg – source
  2. @starchoirsource
  3. @alterniflorasource
  4. @erinptahsource
  5. lesbian labrys flag (Sean Campbell)
  6. @sissy-that-walksource
  7. @flower-lesbiennesource
  8. @starcandiezsource
  9. @questioninglesbianssource
  10. @disasterbisexualsource
  11. lipstick lesbian flag (Natalie McCray)
  12. pride-flags – source
  13. @astrotomysource
  14. @butch-nerdsource
  15. @satansfemmesource
  16. rainbow flag (with f/f symbols)
  17. @dinosourcookisource
  18. @quinnfinitesimalsource
  19. @cheezyeen – source
  20. @questioninglesbians (2) – source
  21. @poisonouspastelssource
  22. @caydebugsource
  23. @sadlesbeandisastersource
  24. @spiritintheinkwellsource
  25. @quinnfinitesimal (2) – source
  26. @apersnicketylemonsource
  27. @anurtransylsource