Camp Pining Hearts screencapAnnotated Q&A will be posted M-W-F for the next few weeks!

Patrick’s shows, in order:

Inspector Spacetime is the Community parody of Doctor Who. No surprise Patrick finds the Doctor expy relatable, even if it’s on some unusual levels. He also understands that Doctor/Master shipping is a thing, and hasn’t really grasped the details.

Whee! is a parody of Glee, which I also watched for a few seasons before dropping, for similar reasons. Although I got invested enough to follow the Autostraddle recaps (with all their refreshing snark) through to the end.

Slander is a parody of Scandal, which billed itself as “what if The West Wing with the cast of Leverage?” And then you slowly realize that all the politician characters are corrupt, all the “expert” characters are just passing the idiot ball around between themselves, all the wonderful heroes keep trusting and/or falling for the schemes of blatantly evil characters, when they don’t turn out to be secretly evil themselves…

I stopped watching after an arc where main characters imprison and torture each other. Then, uh, started watching again after I said to myself “what if I watch it with the expectation that everyone is terrible, and there isn’t a single TWW/Leverage-like character in the whole cast that I’d want to root for?” And then it was entertaining.

Camp Pining Hearts is a possibly-anime show-within-a-show on Steven Universe. We don’t see any full episodes, but from the way the SU characters describe it, it sounds cute.

Plus The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, which I watched religiously, but that doesn’t mean Patrick would.

Q: Patrick, what shows are you watching with Bianca and Sparrow, and which ones have you gotten particularly invested in?

Patrick: We’re watching a lot!

My favorite is Inspector Spacetime. I like how they portray someone who’s immortal and changes bodies every once in a while. I want there to be an episode where he gets together with his Master and they live happily ever after!

I watch Whee! with my Master. That’s the one about a high school dance club. Sparrow stopped watching because she got mad about how it handles, she said, “everything.”

And I watch the political drama Slander with Sparrow. My Master is the one who stopped watching that, because all the characters got too mean, but she said I should keep watching because Sparrow likes the company.

Sometimes we do marathons of older shows. We just finished Camp Pining Hearts — the dub, because I can’t read fast enough to follow the subtitles. It was okay.

Plus, my Master and Sparrow always watch the fake news shows together, and usually I ‘m in the room . . . Does it still count if I don’t pay attention? I never understand any of their jokes.