Black Butler: Book of Circus promoWould you believe “they have to go undercover at a circus” is also a major arc in Black Butler?

It was already published — both the manga, and the anime adaptation — by the time I wrote this omake. So maybe I’d even heard of it by this point, and was making some subtle foreshadowing — Sparrow and Miranda have similar tastes, like sister like sister.

Definitely no other extremely on-the-nose BICP foreshadowing in this here Q&A bonus. Nope.

Q: Hey, Sparrow, what are your favourite plots?

Sparrow: The one where two physically identical people switch places, and have to live each other’s lives without starting any diplomatic incidents.

The one where the law enforcement professionals have to go undercover by pretending to be circus people.

Ooh, and! You know those stories where the bad guys are being sneaky and manipulative, and getting the good guys to turn on each other? So there’s plotting, and growing mistrust, and we’re scared because we can see the strings being pulled, but the heroes can’t?

— and then suddenly, at the climactic moment, it’s revealed that the heroes knew about the plot the whole time!

And maybe they were communicating behind-the-scenes all along — or maybe they just trust each other so implicitly that they were able to play along without even talking about it — until the time comes to flawlessly yank the villains’ plan right out from under their feet!

I’m really into that one.