Misty, Ash, Pikachu, and BrockQuick, readers who are actually up on their Pokemon, construct Miranda’s dream team. (Tiny!Miranda, present!Miranda, or both!)

Honestly, Miranda just isn’t the kind of fan who ships herself with characters. Or even the kind who ships her totally-original not-her-at-all OC with characters.

She’s moved on from the “it’s stupid to ship non-canon couples” judgment she was so adamant about at age 9, though.

Q: Have you ever shipped yourself with anyone other than Ash Ketchum?

Miranda: I’m gonna let my nine-year-old self handle this one . . .

Child Miranda: I do not ship me with Ash!

First of all, my OC Pokemon trainer isn’t even ME. She’s an original character named Mariko Mizuno who is super tough and has a team of all birds and is nothing like me at all!

And anyway, shipping couples that aren’t canon is soooooo stupid. I am a mature Pokemon viewer who appreciates that Ash and Misty will be together forever.