It’s now 11 years to the day since the debut of BICP!

Chapter 9 ended on January 11, 2013, which means we’ve annotated almost 2 years’ worth of archive. So let’s hit the first two anniversary specials now.

They don’t appear in realtime in the Master’s Edition — they’re all grouped together at the end of Volume 3 — so I’ll go ahead and categorize the post under “annotated Omnibus 3 omake.”

Year 1 (2012) — “Female characters of BICP. Counting Poe, Blake, and Camellia as part-time women.”

At that point, this was pretty close to all the (major) characters. Obviously could’ve included Patrick, but Cohen hadn’t debuted yet, Bennett hadn’t been unmasked…we had a few one-off characters who died, and also Cub, who’s still around but barely gets enough screentime to count.

Second anniversary

Year 2 (2013) – “Buried in a pile of Beings-as-stuffed-animals.”

Lots of partly-visible plushies without their image colors, hidden behind the ones who’ve been introduced. They include (clockwise from Sparrow’s head) the Wolf, the Donkey, the Sheep, the Lion, the Dolphin, and a bird that might be the Bearded Vulture or the Dove.

Both of these are pretty ordinary drawings — same art style as the comic, same cel-shading, nothing fancy or experimental to celebrate the occasion. Look out for that to change in the next few years…