Today is the 12th anniversary of the first posted page of But I’m A Cat Person!

Chapter 15 ended on June 3, 2014, so that’s another year-and-a-half’s worth of annotations in the archive. I’m adding the ’14 and ’15 anniversary bonuses here.

Year 3 (2014) – “Miranda was not expecting this many critters in her Pokéball.”

This covered all the Beings who had appeared on-page so far — even if it was barely a panel so far, like Kaguya (the Sea Monster) or Lightning (the Bearded Vulture). They’re all slightly tinted with their aura colors — except that I did Kara Lynn’s as lizard-green, not the lavender she actually glows in.

The full-size Young Miranda lineart is showing its age, but the chibi Beings still look as cute and charming as intended.

They’re all on separate layers, so I could pop them out and put them in different graphics if I wanted. Kept using those around the site for a lot of years. Would do it again now, frankly, if I had a place in mind for them.

Year 4 (2015) – “Beings go to the prom!”

Since it takes four years to get through high school, I dolled up all the major Beings and put them in prom dresses. Did a whole bunch of Fashion Research for it, can you tell?

This is another piece where I got adventurous with the shading/palette, in a way I think paid off.

The Donkey (in dark blue, with grey eyes) was the most recently-introduced, and honestly hadn’t appeared much yet — this anniversary fell in the middle of Interlude 3, which was their first extended appearance. Putting them in the “major” category was a pretty serious hint that they had a bigger role coming down the line.