But I’m A Cat Person has now been around long enough to see PG-13 movies. Wow.

Chapter 20 ended on May 3, 2016. That’s 2 more years in the archives, so here we go with the next two anniversary art posts.

Year 5 (2016) – “The Beings as five-year-olds.”

This wasn’t nearly as involved as the last couple of anniversary portraits — I didn’t try a new style, or give it more artistic effort than I do to the average strip. Still cute, though.

I really like the physical comedy in the background gags — Bennett’s stack of presents nearly falling over, and Sparrow trying to blow up balloons manually, while Miranda stands behind her with an oxygen tank.

The original post has the note “I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that we have two years’ worth of story left to cover.”

Year 6 (2017) – “one more step to the top of the city

(The lyrics to that song don’t exactly fit, but it has the mood I had in mind when drawing this.)

Now here’s something artistically special. The fully-drawn scene, the hand-drawn distant cityscape, the soft and saturated palette. Not saying it’s perfect, but of the 10 BICP Anniversary bonuses, it’s my favorite.

Wish I remembered the specific types of flowers the Beings have in their crowns, because those probably meant something.