Cat prepared to pounceFirst posted this 9-ish years ago, and it was also April, so I put in the captions that it’s an Easter party. Would’ve made more sense to save it for December and call it a Christmas party. Or be like “you know what, this is Timothy’s birthday now. It’s canon.”

…my off-the-cuff Zodiac Sign Notes have Timothy as a Libra, but that could change!

Or, better yet: make it an Anniversary Of Becoming Reseda’s Master party. That canonically happened in springtime. And it would be the most logical time, other than Christmas, to be giving your Being presents.

Either way, Reseda chasing a laser pointer is timeless.

They’re having an Easter party or something.

Timothy: Hey, Reseda, I got you a surprise present!

Reseda: Sweet! What is it?

Timothy: Well, I left it over there, so if you just look behind you…

Reseda: ?

Timothy (thinking): A thousands-of-years-old cat is still a cat.