Happy New YearHappy 2021, everybody!

But I’m A Cat Person published its last page in February 2020, which was simultaneously “less than a year ago” (!) and “before quarantine, so about 30 years ago.” I was planning to do a BICP Master’s Edition Kickstarter that spring, but, well, the world imploded, and keeping up with just one still-ongoing comic kept me busy through the rest of the year.

But it’s a new year, the election went our way, multiple vaccines have been approved…and I’m jumping back into it with an Annotated Re-Release of the BICP archive, in the style of Guilded Age, Narbonic, and Girls With Slingshots.

Doing Monday-through-Friday updates for the first few chapters, and we’ll find out how well that works for readers! (It’s gonna feel like an absolute breeze on my end, now that I don’t have to draw any new art for the whole thing…)

I should probably give some actual annotations on the cover, huh. This is from the started-in-2017 remastering, replacing the original 2011 art:

Upgraded to have an Actual Background, a Patrick drawn from an Actual Dog Reference, and an ominous Miranda in the background. The fence is made with art-nouveau elements from tigers-stock, same as I use to make various Leif & Thorn gates.

Bianca in-story never wore the kind of fancy cameo jewelry I drew in Version 1, so Version 2 just gives her a subtle ring with bi-flag colors for the stones. (Not sure anyone noticed? Possibly it was too subtle…)

And hey, new Sparrow gets to be happy and friendly. Not sure why I played up the tension so much in the original.