In the pre-remaster version of this page, it had almost no shading — which is passable for the average scene, but really diminished the impact of “something dramatic and glow-y is going down.”

…and in the RE-remaster of this page (compare the pre-annotation version), I made it even darker. And greener. And added shading to Bianca’s blanket and shorts. (They didn’t get shaded already because the patterns were in the original — and at this point in 2011, I wasn’t even putting patterns on separate layers. Which is wild to think about now.)

I originally queued these annotated posts with the trade-paperback versions of the pages. Now I’m going back and replacing them with the final Master’s Edition versions. So if you see any references to “things I would change if I was going to” in future annotations…eh, I’m not aspiring to be perfect about editing those.

Patrick: You . . .

You really don’t know what you’re asking.

Sparrow: Hang on! Figure out what he means by–

Patrick: Repeat after me: “I (your name here) . . . ”

Bianca: I, Bianca Washington . . .

Patrick: Okay. It ‘s done. Can I please have some food now, Master?