The super-subtle wood texture is another detail that was in the original art, on the same layer, so I didn’t fight with it to make Patrick cast a shadow.

Finally, some attention put into the product design! The cereal is “what if Lucky Charms, but the mascot is an anime tie-in.”

I mostly did the “avoid copyright claims by not putting logos on anything” strategy. Kinda wish I’d done more of the “slightly alternate-universe brands” approach.

Patrick: (om nom nom)

Bianca: You look tired.

Sparrow: Well, yeah. Aren’t you?

Bianca: I wasn’t getting any sleep anyway. But you don’t have to stay up with us.

Sparrow: I still don’t know about this guy. Since when do actual magical creatures bother with cheap cereal?

Patrick: I don’t need food at all. But right now it’ll help me heal. You know, you’re not nearly as nice as you smell.

Sparrow: Hey!

Bianca: Okay, come on, that’s enough! Patrick, she’s being plenty nice to let you stay here at all, so be polite. Sparrow, get some sleep, okay? I’ll be fine on my own. I promise.

Sparrow: (YAWN)

Fine. But I’m leaving this with you. Clobber him if he tries anything.