Bianca, I know you’re not exactly rolling in spare cash for turns-out-to-be-unnecessary purchases, but you could buy Patrick a doggie bed. On the grounds of It Would Be Super Cute.

I can’t decide if the Master-Sparrow scenario here would go worse (because she’d still be put-off and wary around Patrick), or better (because she’d just go ahead and pet him, and it would be immediately obvious that he liked it).

Bianca: Here, I’ll put this away.

I was going to buy you all sorts of neat doggie stuff, but now . . . We don’t have room for another human-sized bed. Where are you going to sleep?

Patrick: –! You said I was allowed on the couch. You said!

Bianca: It’s okay! It probably won’t be comfortable unless you always sleep in dog-form. But as long as you’re fine with that. Really, it . . .

. . . would be creepy if I kept petting you at this point, wouldn’t it.

Patrick: Why? You’re my Master. If it pleases you to pet me, then you should.