Convention snack buffetBalticon was the first convention I went to, and it gave me an unrealistic idea of how many cons have freely-available snacks.

Not that I hold it against Otakon; its audience is way bigger, and way broker. It does have these exclusive suites with snacks for official panelists/guests — and, I hope/assume, for anyone having a medical emergency — but asking it to feed the crowd-in-general would be a Lot.

Security guy: It’s important at a convention to keep well hydrated and eat regular meals! Come to the panelist suite. You can have snacks to get your blood sugar up.

Patrick: It isn’t a problem with her blood sugar!

Jany: Yeah? And what would you know about it?

Patrick: Well, being somewhat familiar with this area . . .

. . . I probably should have thought of an ending to that sentence before starting it.

Jany: We’re leaving.

Did I hear it wrong, or did that guy call you some name, too?

Kara Lynn: Name? No . . .

Patrick: . . . it’s a word. Did I use the wrong language? The English version says “lizard.”