Storm with rain and lightning on the streetI don’t manage to put a lot of these in, but that “water flowing through the gutters” first panel is a sweet little environmental detail.

And, hey, not a bad first (?) stab at drawing a revolving door, in the bottom left.

Commenters around this point were divided about Jany. Sure, she could be more endearing, but you know what, she’s tired and overwhelmed and had a horrible weekend where everything went wrong and just wants to go home. (And to some degree, Sparrow can appreciate it.)

Bianca: Is it just me, or do there seem to be a lot of people on edge today? Not happy about the rain, I guess . . .


Oh! Message from Sparrow.

Jany: Would you call me a taxi?

Hotel staff: Certainly, ma’am.

Sparrow: “Saturn” and Kara Lynn . . . ?

Hey! Kid!

You’re not rushing to catch a plane, are you?

Jany: No, I’m going home on the Hogwarts Express! Why do you care?