Cat sleeping in a woman's shirt, labeled 'Familiars: Getting closer to the elvish sorceress than you ever will.'That “reflected in the switched-off TV screen” panel is a clever bit of framing. Good job, past!me.

So at this point, reader reactions were all over the map. From “yes, I’ve been shipping it!” to “wait what, this is coming out of nowhere” to “ooh, I’m disturbed by this” to “well I didn’t ship it before, but I do now…!”

How did you feel, the first time you got to this page? If you remember. (And if you don’t mind being frank about it.)

Patrick: I’m sorry. I’m s-sorry, I–

I didn’t know. Please don’t be mad. Please don’t–

Don’t hate me. I’ll be better, I’ll be good–

Bianca: Patrick, hold on! Don’t you get it?

Yeah, I’m upset! But not because I hate you. It’s the exact opposite!

It’s because I’m scared for you. Because I care about you.

And I don’t want anything to happen to you, because I–